piątek, 30 czerwca 2006

Hi! BunnyTerminatorProject

For those who don't know: my name is bunny_terminator. I live with Mirella von Chrupek on www.amomirella.com site. Since Mirella won't be able to come with me on vacations this summer, she came up with a wonderful idea of sending me in a parcel around the world. I've only been to Prague and I've only seen polish seaside and that's all. If you wish, the results of my trips can be seen on www.amomirella.com or here. However I want more, more, more...I want to visit as many cities and countries as possible. Hence the project. I would like to ask you folks, wherever you are, whoever you are to take part in it. The idea is simple but will require from you a little devotion, care, crativity and responsibility!

Listen to this:
As I mentioned before, I don't want to stay at home during summer. Recent weather forecasts for summer time aren't favourable. I want to travel comfortably in my bunny_kit parcel from one country to another during two months. Your task will be to take care of me and pass me on to someone else after having completed your mission. I want to be on the run. Mirella will put me into a box with additional single use camera by means which you will be supposed to take few photos of me in your country. Your task will be to take some pictures with me or me against some monuments or me during some events. I want to have a photo from my every excursion!!! Be creative!!! It's up to you! Mind that you are the ones who make my days complete! Don't disappoint me! I want to have some memories and photo album. For the time being I'm looking for the ones who would like to take part in this project!!!

The bunny_kit parcel will contain:
- single use camera;
- book where you could write your details: name, country, email address, regular address, time and location of the place where I was photographed, or event, and number of photos which you took. The book will be of a great help after the arrival;
- a book with Mirella's datas, addresses and other important details concerning the project;
- and of course me: bunny_terminator !

Some important details:
- during my trip Mirella would like to be informed about my whereabouts. She is a very caring mother and undoubtedly she will be worried about me sooo much thus please, drop her a line (email) about the time of my arrival and my physical condition as soon as you get me in the parcel.
- write Mirella an email also the day you send the parcel to someone else. She would be grateful to be able to keep the track of me. You may of course take some additional digital photos showing Mirella your great time with me. Send them to Mirella via email. However, do not forget about regular photos which at the end of the mission will be a nice surprise to all of us! It will enrich our mission and my adventrure.
- do not keep me too long. There is a whole world waiting for me. If you manage, try to do your mission within no more than 2, 3 days and pass me on to another participant of the mission.
- bear in mind that this will be my vacations so do try to do your best and show me around and take care of me! Otherwise, Mirella will track you down and God knows what else!.
- if you want you can put something into the parcel but mind the fact that the parcel will be getting heavier and heavier…
- in the parcel you will find adressbook enclosed. Thanks to it you will know where the parcel with me shoud be sent.
- always send the parcel via air mail with any precautions possible. I wouldn't like to find myself lying in some derelicit place forgotten and rotten, would you?

Please realize that it is extremely important to stick to the rules, write all the details mentioned above and send parcel via air mail to eliminate the possibility of my loss.

If you want to be a part of my adventure, please email me.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning this project email me, too.

Write something about yourself, your country, your work and interests and send me your photo. It is obvious that without help from you I won't be able to fulfill my dream and accomplish the mission. Further details of the mission will be known to you once the list of participants is set. The up-to-date list of the countries will be published here. Stay tuned! I believe in you folks!!!

kisses and hugs

Bunny_terminator& Mirella von Chrupek

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